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G. Piggy and Friends - 100,000 Friend CelebrationWe’ve reached over 100,000 Facebook Fans! We couldn’t be more excited to share this great news with all of our inspiring pet parents. We want to say thank you for all of the memories we’ve had, heartwarming pet photos you’ve shared, and things you’ve taught us about your fur babies.

In honor of our milestone, we’re giving our G. Piggy and Friends Facebook friends a bag of bedding, free, with the purchase of one of equal or greater value.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Hamster

Hamster Eating a CrackerWhether you’re already a hamster-parent or thinking of becoming one, caring for your little hammy is an important task. Here are some fast facts and care tips you might not know about your newest family member:

  1. Hamsters like to nest

Your little one likes to snuggle. Make sure your hamster has plenty of bedding to nest in so they can feel comfy and safe. Add bedding that’s two or three inches deep to your hammy’s home and spread it evenly throughout their home. Your hammy will move it around and pile it up to create soft, warm, fluffy hideaways to nestle up and take a nap in.

  1. Your hamster’s teeth never stop growing

This means your little one has to take care of his/her teeth by constantly chewing. This helps keep your hamster’s teeth from becoming overgrown. Hammies will chew on any hard objects you leave in their habitat (including their cage). Make sure you give them plenty of toys, like wood chew sticks, to chew on to help keep their teeth from overgrowing.

  1. Hamsters are escape artists

Your little one can climb (or chew) his/her way out of their home if you’re not careful. To keep your fur baby safe and secure make sure the habitat is in a safe place, where it can’t be knocked over by young children or other pets. And don’t forget to make sure your hammy’s home is free of openings around the edges and the doors can be locked in place to prevent any “great escapes.”

  1. Hamsters are nocturnal animals

Your hammy likes to rest during the day and play all night, but your new friend can adjust to your schedule. This means your new fur baby will want to exercise while you’re trying to sleep. If you’re a light sleeper make sure you get your hamster a wheel that operates quietly so he/she can get a workout in without waking you. 

  1. Hamsters aren’t always the best at making friends

Decide if you want your hammy to have a roommate right away so they have time to become friends. Your hammy might not act friendly if you introduce them to another furry friend later in life. If you do decide to get more than one little hammy, it’s best to get them as young as possible, and make sure you don’t house males and females together. These small pets reproduce quickly and can give birth every 30 days.


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What’s In A Name

Pet owners put a lot of trust in the manufacturers of the pet products they buy. To us, this trust is a constant reminder of just how important a role our products play in their lives.

So, who exactly, is American Wood Fibers and why do so many pet owners trust AWF for their small pets’ bedding?

American Wood Fibers was founded by Frank Faehner almost 50 years ago and has grown to be the nation’s largest producer of wood shavings and wood flour. Today, there are ten American Wood Fibers plants and distribution centers across the country, with locations near the majority of the major timber processors, coast-to-coast. Our facilities process more than one billion pounds of fiber per year. Yet, despite the size of our organization, AWF’s focus remains on family; both our customers and our own.

American Wood Fibers embodies a culture of courtesy and respect, and a commitment to customer service. We are also proud of our commitment to the environment; both our environment and your small pet’s environment. Throughout our manufacturing process, we put a tremendous amount of effort into producing our products safely, sustainably and consistently. AWF pet bedding products are all-natural, dioxin-free, and produced with your small pet’s health, safety, and comfort in mind. We focus on total waste utilization, utilize recyclable materials for our packaging, and always strive to develop environmentally-friendly products.

Our family of small animal bedding brands include Premier Pet™ and Pets Pick™. We also work with a large group of well-known private label partners. In addition to the AWF small pet bedding division, the company offers large animal (horse) bedding, industrial wood flour, and premium wood pellet fuel products.

AWF will continue to develop new and improved offerings so that we always present the highest quality line of products, and pet owners have choices in bedding that are good for their pets, good for their home environment, and good for the planet.